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Install Debian 'Manually'?

since I got no answer to my question 'Install from CD: Kernel does not boot' I'm now wanting to install Debian manually with the help of Knoppix.

What I've already done:
1. Created an ext2 filesystem on /dev/sda1 and a swap on /dev/sda2
2. Compiled a Kernel
3. Installed the Kernel - it boot up fine but says 'no init found'

I now need to install a minimal system I think. What would be a good way to do that? I have Internet connection available but the paths are not correct, since the root '/' is mounted on '/mnt/sda1' because I'm still booting from the knoppix cd.


Old Message (16.2.2005, Subject: Install from CD: Kernel does not boot):

I'm trying to install Debian Linux from a Debian CD (3.0r4 Non-US) and I
get the menu but when I just hit Enter to start the installation I get
the following messages:

boot: (I then hit enter)
Loading /instal... (more dots)
Loading idepci... (more dots)

The system then halts.

Any idea why the kernel does not boot at all? When I use the floppy it
boots, but I need the vanilla kernel for my raid controller. My knoppix
3.3 CD boots up fine also.

Any help will be appreciated!


Dual Pentium Pro 200
ICP-Vortex GDT6537RP SCSI Raid Controller (Raid 5 Array)
ADAPTEC 2940 U/UW SCSI Controller (CDROM & Tape)
512 MB RAM

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