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Bug#295166: Partitioner bug

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 02:21:50PM +0100, Kero-Chan wrote:
> Well, as I said, if I don't modify the setup, but just select "Erase
> entire harddrive" to let it set up partitions automatically and then
> "Finish partitioning", Everything works!!
> It installs GRUB, which can then boot Linux! (I'm posting from such a setup.)
> The automatic setup is:
> 20G /, first primary, ext3, boot=ON
> 384M swap, second primary
> This _works_. With the same BIOS. So the bug is not in the BIOS.

The stuff you are speaking which is not working, is it using lvm or not.

Someone else should preferably step in here, as x86 bios and boot-loader stuff
rather bores me.


Sven Luther

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