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Re: Fwd: Re: Bug#292747: Sarge weekly CD (i-d rc2) fails to reboot on hde3

Op za, 12-02-2005 te 19:43 +0100, schreef xerces8:
> Hi!
> Sorry for noise, but does anyone receive this ?

Yes :-)

> I sent this to bug 292747, but its web page does not show
> my message.
> I also asked Joey and John to confirm if they receive my message,
> but they did not respond ( I saw Joey post to debian-boot
> and debian-testing since then ).

Wild guess on what's going on:

No offense, but your name and email address looks a bit like line noise
to me. I almost deleted it because the email address and the subject
triggered my human spam filter (i.e., me scanning the email address and
subject lines in my mail client). I could imagine this happened on your
previous mails, too. If that is the case, please don't take it personal
-- I've had that happen to me too, and if you kindly mail to
owner@bugs.debian.org with a short explanation of what happened,
including as many information about the original mail as possible
(approximate time you originally sent it, subject line, ...), they'll be
happy to manually massage it so that it will get through (and help you
find out why the mail was blocked, so that you can avoid it in the

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