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Bug#293223: [netinst] Failed to detect IDE cdrom with SATA chipset

Le 4181 Septembre 1993, Joey Hess a tapoté:
> So in order to see your hard drive, you need to load ata_piix, but
> in order to see your CD, you cannot load it, correct?

To see my CD I must load piix before ata_piix, with juste ata_piix I
cannot see it.

> Have you tried to boot with "linux" to use the 2.4 kernel? I don't know
> if it will see your sata drive, but it's worth a try.

With 2.4 kernel it's ok, there is no ata_piix, just piix which handle
cd and SATA hard drive like an ide one.

> If you really want to get this system installed, your best option will
> probably be using some other install media. You could try to netboot it,
> or do a install from floppies and the network. Or you could use this
> small CD image, which only uses the CD for booting and the network for
> the rest of the install, so it does not matter if the installer does not
> see your CD drive:
> http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/daily/netboot/mini.iso
> Ater you manage an install, you could try upgrading to the 2.6.10 kernel
> or something and see if that helps with the CD drive issue. Please keep
> us informed of your progress.

I'll test that.

Daniel 'NebuchadnezzaR' Dehennin
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