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Re: d-i and popcon

Quoting Peter Vandenabeele (peter.vandenabeele@mind.be):

> In a large contract we signed recently, the presence of "illicit software" 
> (phone home, time bombs, backdoors, ...) was the condition with the harshest
> penalties (unlimited liability, recovery of all damages, contractual 
> possibility for civil and criminal penalties against contractor ...). I 
> prefer to not send a quote from the original text, but this is no joke. 
> So, from a privacy and legal point of view, you might have to 
> _very explicitely_ document this "phone home" feature to the user and at 
> least provide the explicit option to not install or activate it.

Popcon is not activated by default. And has never been. It asks, at
high priority, a question about activating the feature for reporting
installed software. The dfault answer is, of course, not activating it.

Have you seriously once imagined that Debian would provide a phone
home feature AND activate it by default ? :-)

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