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Re: d-i and popcon

also sprach Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> [2005.01.31.1155 +0100]:
> Here's a possible solution although I'm not completely sure it's feasible.
> - Create a 'popcon' task containing only popcon
> - Make tasksel install this popcon task by default
>   (using same mechanism as used for language tasks)

Will we get any comments on this proposal, or is it just silently

I think it is very important to install popcon by default. Moreover,
the switch to the new tasksel broke existing software, which would
be a critical bug on any Debian system. Why is it tolerated during
d-i development?

> Of course, this would still break existing automatic installations because 
> of the regular popcon debconf question, but I feel that adding a preseed 
> line for popcon should not be a big problem.

d-i is currently unofficial. What do we care about existing
automatic installs? There can't be that many, so it can't be that
much of a deal to add the single line to each of their preseeding

Thanks for any comments?

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