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Re: passwd asked just one time


On Friday 11 February 2005 22:34, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> > Critical priority is not meant for less experienced users or am I
> > silly ?
> Sorry, but how fail-proof you can type a password has nothing to with
> experience. Things like critical priority install should be expert
> friendly, not "geek friendly".

I agree - IMHO it's almost silly to prompt for a password only once (on real 
installations, not d-i development...) no matter if the target audience is 
experienced or newbie. It's absolutly common (*) to prompt for passwords 
twice - to avoid the risks of typos.

ervybdoy does tpyos once in i whale :-) and almost everybody expects a double 
password dialog - it's insightful. </rant>

So, file a bug against passwd or shadow ? which ?


(*) and maybe even a violation against some (european) laws that require 
user-friendly UIs

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