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Bug#273960: Unconfusing os-prober with SW-RAID...

Frans Pop wrote:
> tags 273960 + patch
> thanks
> > If I install with root on software raid1, os-prober sees the component
> > drives as separate linux installs. If one is a spare, linux-os-prober
> > probably cannot mount it to work out how to boot it. Otherwise, it
> > thinks it figures this out. Amusing results in grub-installer either
> > way.
> Hi Joey, 
> Here's a possible patch for this issue.
> I've not yet committed it because I wanted to see if you like the idea 
> first. Please let me know and I'll commit.

Well this would make there be no grub menu items for existing OSes that use
software raid, instead of too many, possible broken menu items. I'm not
sure which is better.

see shy jo

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