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Bug#292747: Sarge weekly CD (i-d rc2) fails to reboot on hde3

John Gilmore wrote:
>      on 29 January 2005
>           The real live Sarge CD linked from the Debian home page.  The one
> 	  we're trying to make solid enough to cut a real release of.

We're going to release with all CDs, and they all use the same software,
so it's a null distinction really.

>     Drives on hde, hdf, hdg.  Root on hde3.  (hde1&2 are a Knoppix
>     install that I didn't clobber.)

> 	It all appeared fine until the reboot.  On reboot, it doesn't seem to
> 	load the ide-detect module, so it doesn't detect ide2 at all.
> 	But that's where the root partition is, so it fails in pivot_root.
> 	(That's my guess at what's going wrong.)
>         Last console messages are:
> 	  ide: Asuming 33 MHz ...
> 	  ide: late registration of driver
> 	  hda: LITE-ON COMBO ... CD/DVD...
> 	  ide0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7, ...
> 	  Journaled Block Device driver loaded
> 	  pivot_root: No such file or directory
> 	  /sbin/init: 431: cannot open dev/console: No such file
> 	  kernel panic: Attempted to kill init

I think we need the lspci and lspci -n info that you left out. The
initrd should be loading ide-detect, seems more likely to me it's not
loading some other driver for your hde drive.

If I were you I'd try to get it to boot to a shell in the initrd
(unfortunatly I always forget how to do this, it's not as easy as it
should be) and fiddle around with modprobe until I knew what module it
was omitting to modprobe or what module was perhaps left off the initrd.

Anyway, I'm reassigning this installation report to initrd-tools, since
the bug is pretty clearly over there, and its real maintainer can
probably do a better job debugging.

see shy jo

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