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Re: Sarge install rc2 hangs during GRUB installation

Martin Fuzzey wrote:
> I'm having trouble installing Sarge rc2 on my laptop (HP pavilion zv5340EA)

I'm ccing this to the bug that you filed about the same issue.

> The system had Windows XP Home French edition on an NTFS partition which 
> I wanted to keep.

Now I understand where the French thing came from.

> Running with DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 gave this at the end of my syslog :
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: --> SUBST grub-installer/with_other_os OS_LIST 
> Microsoft Windows XP dition familiale
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: Adding [OS_LIST] -> [Microsoft Windows XP 
> dition familiale]
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: <-- 0
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: --> PROGRESS STEP 1
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: <-- 0 OK
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: --> PROGRESS INFO 
> grub-installer/progress/step_bootdev
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: <-- 0 OK
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: --> INPUT high grub-installer/with_other_os
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: <-- 0 question will be asked
> Jan 30 16:30:18 debconf: --> GO
> I'm afraid I don't know enough about debconf to figure this out.
> Could it be something to do with the non ascii character (e-acute) in 
> the Windows OS name??
> Microsoft Windows XP (e-acute)dition familiale

It's possible. The installer is getting this OS name from the boot.ini
file on your Windows partition. It could be that the encoding is not
what the installer expect and this is somehow locking up the frontend
when it tries to display the OS name.

Why don't you try making a backup of your boot.ini (just send a copy to
293859@bugs.debian.org), and edit it, removing the non-ascii stuff, and
try the install again.

see shy jo

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