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installer not detecting correct CD


I booted the current weekly Sarge CD (see below for details).
I have inserted CD1 and shortly after it booted, I also inserted
CD2 into the second drive.

The after a while the installer started looking for the CD
and it found the CD2, which is ofcourse missing the installer parts
and it gave a message about kernel on CD not matching running kernel.
It did not even look on the correct CD.

Is this a bug? By design?

Steps to reproduce :
 - boot CD1
 - right after it loads the kernel (or right in the boot menu probably
also works) insert the other CD

Of course you need two CD units.
CD2 must be in the drive that is looked first by the installer.


PS: Why did I insert CD2 in the first place ? Because I thought it would
be needed during install. ( as with Fedora, where if the CD2 is inserted,
i wont ask for it, but use it automatically, so you don't need to break the
coffe pause to swap CDs ).

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