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Framebuffer problems, looks like in stage 2 install, 2.6 kernel


  I'm using the 20050127 build of the Debian netinst CD and I boot it
  using linux26. The first part goes well (language chooser, etc.) but
  just before it starts installing the udebs it does something weird
  which looks like the framebuffer is getting reinitialized. This
  screws up the display. Switching to another console and back makes
  it look ok again.

  Yet, if you hold down Alt + Right Cursor Key to switch between
  consoles really fast, the consoles get mixed together in the first
  one and the screen becomes unusable.

  Does anyone have an idea on that?

  I tested this on two systems, one with a nVidia TNT2 card and one
  with a newer, but really low end onboard card (Intel I think) and it
  behaved the same.

  If I didn't give you enough details, I can try to reproduce this
  with more details.

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