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Re: cdebconf X_SETBACKTITLE command

> I can think of two approaches now:
>  - How about calling the command INFO, and allowing it to display a debconf
>    note (or similar template type): "INFO foo". Probaly only the short
>    description would be displayed, though we could get more ambitous and
>    try to support longer texts if something like a progress bar is all
>    that's being displayed otherwise. Display of the info at all would be
>    up to the frontend, so the information cannot be something the user
>    strictly needs to complete their process, just some additional
>    information. Frontends would attempt to display the info
>    persistently, so it's available for the user to read until some other
>    info comes along. Note the analogy to "PROGRESS INFO".
>  - Or, it could be a template of Type: info, which is displayed via INPUT
>    in the regular way, and the frontend then replaces any previous info
>    it was displaying with the new one.

My first reaction is preferring the first approach, which seems to
give more possibilities to us. 

For instance, the INFO command could be
THE thing we need for giving the user information about what's going
on. We have some usability reports about the non-intuitive use of the
installer frontend...so there's maybe a possibility to improve that

Making this INFO command optionnally frontend-dependent (ie
displaying different texts, depending on the frontend) could be a way
to do this. Of course, in such case, a fallback text should exist for
frontends for which no specific text exists.

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