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Bug#292513: debian-installer: grub doesn't update mbr on both disk

> I propose to add a note in the manual warning about this. Will do so this 
> weekend.


> Maybe we should also add a dialog in grub-installer about this post-sarge 
> (unless we can do the dual installation of course).

Well, I'm not really a specialist of software RAID (I prefer using HW
Raid on mission critical stuff), but I suppose that the problem is
deciding whether a given disk is a complete mirror of another one. For
what I understand, when you setup SW Raid, you declare two partitions
as parts of the mirror, but nothing guarantees that the whole second
disk is an exact copy of the first one....so deciding that GRUB should
be installed on both MBR's may be tricky.

In my opinion, such complicated setup should be left to the local

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