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Internet contact above Meidensha SmartLink SmartPCI561 56k Modem is out of function.

Distribution: Debian testing/unstable
Package: bug-boddy
Severity: blocker
Version: GNOME2.8.1 2.0.2; Sarge
Gnome-Distributor: Ubuntu 'Warty Warthog' 4.10 http://canonical.com

Description of Problem:
Internet contact above Meidensha SmartLink SmartPCI561 56k (HSP Analog-Modem from ALi Corporation) is not to stimulate.

You know help me?

Possibly been the next generation of Ubuntu 'Hoary Hadgehog'.
Please send me the new Ubuntu CD's  from   http://www.canonical.com.
Thank You.


Miroslav Karlovsky
Breslauer Str. 4
60598 Frankfurt am Main

Additional Information:
Fewmet how Aurox Linux2. Distribution in AUROX-Journal: 'Amber Ver.: 10.0 Side 26 impossible
because RPM: slmodem-utils and slmodemkernel are missing.

Solution with two Terminalinputs:
	sudo modprobe slamr
	/usr/sbin/slmodemd --country=GERMANY /dev/slamr0
with following:   /dev/ttySL0   from there, impossible.

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