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Allow console-data/console-common to enter sarge?

Console-data 2002.12.04dbs-46.3 was targeted at sarge, with only d-i
related fixes (translation issues as well as usability issues)

A few later, Alastair uploaded 2002.12.04dbs-48 in sid, where it is
now wince nearly 40 days. This version features a rebuilt with
console-common 0.48, so I suppose that allowing console-data -48 to
enter sarge means that console-common 0.7.48 should enter it as well.

As far as I can see console-common 0.7.47 and 0.7.48 only include typo
fixes and translation fixes, so it's very likely that it is OK for
sarge and will not break d-i (I just did a few sid installs with the
sid_d-i ISO images and didn't notice specific problems).

However, as I'm not the package maintainer, I guess he (Alastair)
needs to give his input about this issue.

So, Alastair, do you confirm that it's time for these both packages to
enter sarge ?

console-data -48 is long awaited for d-i usability issues and has been
very well tested in Debian Installer sid_d-i builds since nearly 40


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