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Bug#292277: Debian Installation Report (netinst cd image for sarge rc2)

Mike Hoover wrote:
> The installer completely froze on the language chooser.  System did
> not repond.  Needed to do a cold reboot.  This has been documented as
> being a result of framebuffer problems, but using
> boot: linux video=vga16:off 
> and also trying
> boot: linux debian-installer/framebuffer=false 
> options had no effect (the language chooser still came up and froze). 
> The intaller appears to be broken for this hardware.

I don't know where it would be documented that such a freeze has
anything to do with the framebuffer. Sounds like a keyboard or hardware
problem to me. What kind of keyboard do you have? Did you try booting
the installer with "linux26" to try the other kernel version?

see shy jo

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