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Bug#292162: installation-report

* The mail setup is confusing. I have a router/server/smarthost 
bksys.at= The notebook is elke.bksys.at= I believe 
some setting will go in the envelope sender so I tried to avoid elke.bksys.at 
as envelope senden as is a private IP address and I put bksys.at 
there instead. But I ccied this mail to bernhard@bksys.at which was 
undeliverable, because IMO the notebook believes it is the destination point 
for bernhard@bksys.at but there is no bernhard here, only at bksys.at. So now 
I tried to keep the 'mail name' empty, but it seems to default to 
'localhost.localdomain', which is undesirable, too, because it is invalid as 
envelope sender.

Hmm, but elke.bksys.at worked. The envelope sender was bernhard@bksys.at when 
I used kmail. I can't change exim from 'EHLO localhost.localdomain'. 
'elke:/etc/exim4# grep -ri localhost.localdomain *' yields nothing.


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