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Re: kernel abiname transition and security updates status

On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 04:13:17PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Update for current status, 10 days after my first mail:
> m68k
> 	No abiname; not updated. ?
> 	[This is another arch that I'd consider releasing d-i rc3 without
> 	it being updated for the kernel security fixes.]

> So s390 and hppa are the main potential rc3 blockers, while alpha and
> sparc just need to get kernels into testing and arm, m68k, and powerpc
> (2.4) need to get a move on if you want them updated for the rc3
> release. We're fast approaching the point where the kernel updates are
> the only significant thing blocking the rc3 release.
> Note that besides the abiname changes, there are pending uploads for
> both 2.4 and 2.6, for all arches, to fix numerous other security holes.
> I'm not considering those above, since it should be much easier to roll
> a fix for a "normal" kernel security hole into d-i than the it is for
> these security fixes that involve ABI changes.

I uploaded new 2.6.8 kernel-images for m68k a week ago, but I did not make it
urgent...: Too young, only 7 of 10 days old
For 2.4.27 I am waiting for the latest kernel-source to be released before I
build new images. This is supposed to happen today/tomorrow? I should be able
to get those images ready over the weekend then, and I'll try to remember to
make it more urgent...

I have no idea about the abichanges, m68k uses no abiname? Is that a problem?
Is there anything else m68k has to do, like build new d-i-k-i-m68k packages?
Anything else I am missing?


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