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[D-I] 7 languages reach full 100% translation for D-I related packages

Only a few people may have noticed that seven supported languages have
reached the "perfect" state of full translation for all packages we
have defined as being part of "Debian Installer translation effort",
thanks to recent uploads of l10n-fixed dpkg and apt.

These languages are:

Czech, Danish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak

A few other could easily reach it by updating the translation of
base-config, and indeed they are already 100% for sarge as base-config
has only been changed in its unstable branch:

Catalan, Spanish, Norwegian Nynorsk, Brazilian Portuguese

Other are very close to this perfect state and only miss 1 or 2
strings here and there (I have still to check this):

German, Basque, Dutch, Simplified Chinese

And several are not far at all as well.. All these languages are of
course complete for the "core" D-I translation (1st stage) since a
long time.

For details: http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/translation-status.html

Many thanks to the involved translators and translation teams. Keep up
the good work, guys and girls.

I'd also like to send special public thanks to Scott James Remnant (main
maintainer of dpkg) and Matt Zimmerman (main maintainer of apt) as
well as Michael Piefel (who handles translations for apt) for their
great reactivity and openess regarding l10n issues. This is for sure
something that has definitely been changed in the last years.


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