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Bug#290303: (no subject)

> On Thursday 13 January 2005 14:51, Jens Voskuhl wrote:
> > In the Debian installer menu the entry "choose language" is double.
> > Could that be a bug?!
> I have some additional questions about this.
> This issue is known for netboot and floppy installations, but not for
> installations where you boot off a CD.
> I understand from your report that you used a "netinst CD image" for your
> installation, so we are curious how you got this.
> If you boot in expert mode, is the extra "choose language" option there
> from the start, or does it appear later?
> If you select both of the "choose language" options, do they both only ask
> for language or does one of them also ask for country?
> TIA,

The extra "choose language" option does appear later, after i selected the 
option "Load installer components from cd". After a successfull run of this 
menu point, the first and second menu point displays "choose language".

Both of the "choose language" options ask for the language. When i chosse
German, than i can choose for example de_DE@euro.

Installation Notes: netinst CD image 20050112 (sarge-i386-netinst.iso), at the 
boot promt i choose "expert" for expert installation. I proceed the 
installation step by step in order of the expert menu. I hope this will help 
you to solve the problem.

Jens Voskuhl

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