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Re: kernel abiname transition and security updates status

Steve Langasek wrote:
> For 2.4, this requires i2c, kernel-latest-2.4-i386, linux-wlan-ng,
> lm-sensors, and oprofile-source to be ready to go at the same time with
> packages built against the new ABI.  Of these, oprofile-source has had a
> recent upload, but has only out-of-date modules (none built against the new
> ABI); i2c has new module packages, all of them with the old ABI version in
> the package name and with dependencies on the old kernels; and
> kernel-latest-2.4-i386 appears to be in the court of the kernel team.  No
> info on the others.  Is someone on the kernel team willing to coordinate
> with the maintainers of those packages?

I've filed RC bugs on all of these, except linux-wlan-ng which already had

see shy jo

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