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Request update of partman for Sarge (was: kernel abiname transition and security updates status)

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 11:54, Christian Perrier wrote:
> For *very very* nasty errors (such as a bad spelling error which would
> make every single Bulgarian user laugh loudly), you may request for an
> update and get a chance that someone takes care of it.

For Dutch I have done several spelling corrections, many in partman, that 
are not shocking but would be nice to go in.

There has been one important correction that I _would_ like to see go in.
For partman 'swap' had been translated with 'wisselgeheugen'. The problem 
with this was that this was way too long for the dialog that shows the 
overview of partitions.
This has been fixed by just using 'swap' (which is a fairly accepted term 
in Dutch).

The update was done on Dec. 3 in r24168 in the Sarge branch for 

(Note: I have not yet been able to check this change, since partman has 
also not been uploaded from trunk since this change.)

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