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Bug#288884: Sarge Installation fails with auto-partioning on 4G drive

reassign 288884 partman-auto
retitle 288884 Should assign a bigger root partition when choosing "Desktop machine" receipe
severity 288884 important

Quoting Rob Bochan (mylaptop@twcny.rr.com):

> I chose auto-partitioning on a 4G drive, chose the "Desktop machine" 
> configuration (seperate root, swap, and home partitions) and chose "Desktop 
> environment" installation packages.
> The auto-allocated space for the root partition was insufficient size for 
> the installation of the default "Desktop environment" packages selection 
> choice, and the packages failed to install due to lack of space. Other than 


> Granted, the disk I used wasn't huge, and I know the installer can't read 
> minds, but there was plenty of space in the disk. If it's going to do 
> auto-allocation, it would be helpful to auto-allocate space necessary to 
> install the package-groups that are listed in the installer itself.

The problem here is the confusion made between the "Desktop machine"
partitioning scheme and the "Desktop environment" task for installing

At the moment the partitioning occurs, there is indeed theoretically
no real way to know what will be chosen by the user.

As you chose partitioning with a separate home partition, some space
from the original size was devoted to /home with the result you

Of course, when users choose "Desktop machine" for partitioning, one
can maybe assume safely that (s)he will choose the Desktop task when
the time comes for installing packages.

So, IMHO, the minimum size for the root partition should then be
raised to "more than the size of the installed Desktop task" in th
partman-auto receipe named "desktop".

My suggestion is highly debatable, for sure...but let's discuss it.

I even tag this as "important" as we're dealing with a probable
frequent problem here...

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