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Re: Sarge branch build dies with free blocks count == 0

Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Well afir the only change between a build with this message and the
> build getting further, was adding the pic's so something screwy was
> going on.  Personally I think my problems are a result of trying to use
> the buildscript before this.   I know it's supposed to be fine, but it
> sounds like it's really not used much,

FWIW, I wrote buildscript just as a helper for local d-i testing,
and put it in SVN when it evolved enough to be useful for other
d-i developers with different architectures. It was never intended
to be useful for production builds of d-i.

> | You seem to have managed to install a udeb, libdebian-installer4-udeb,
> | as a deb, using dpkg, onto your debian system. This _will_ break the
> | build. Don't do that.
> Hmmm...that is either from buildscript, or because I was getting
> desperate, I can't recall which.  I think I'm just going to have to bite
> the bullet and reinstall debian to get back to a coherent state.  Blah
> for buildscript IMNSHO.

buildscript doesn't install udebs, aside from copying them to localudebs.
(At least it didn't the last time I used it.)


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