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Re: Desktop task broken on !(i386/powerpc)

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On Sunday 02 January 2005 19:17, Joey Hess wrote:
> You've just described the class of users whom the debian task system is
> not designed. There exist plenty of users who do *not* know what
> software they want, and just want a reasonale selection of
> best-of-class software; these are the core audience for tasksel.

In that case we should really try to support manual package selection 
better in base-config (see #272360).

And maybe also make it more explicit in the introductory text for tasksel 
that selecting a task is a very rough method of installing software on a 
Debian system.

I really feel the major disadvantage of the new tasksel is that it is not 
clear _what_ it does _before_ it is done:
- - No task descriptions that explain what will be installed
- - No indication of the size of tasks
- - No clear introduction explaining scope and purpose of tasksel
- - No clear indication that selecting nothing is also an option
- - No explanation of alternatives (manual package selecttion; installing a
  minimal system and adding packages later) available to the user
- - No explanation/indication that (l10n-)tasks may be installed
- - Insufficient support of manual package selection

Tasksel is great if you already know what it will do, but for ppl new to 
Debian or using d-i for the first time it will very often confuse or have 
unintended results.
Of course such things could be explained in the manual, but as we all know 
only very few people actually read the manual.

The above is both my own opinion and the result of reading loads of 
installation reports.

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