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blacklisting modules with discover2

Dear debian-boot,

I know d-i is not using discover2, but chances are that this list
unites those people that are most clueful about discover. I am faced
with the problem of how to blacklist modules with discover2. With
the first version, I could do

  echo skip foobar > /etc/discover.d/local-foobar

to prevent discover from autoloading the foobar modules. However, in
discover2, this does not seem to be an option anymore.

/etc/discover.d is now a directory containing XML files, and in the
DTD, I could not see 'skip' or anything of that sort defined. Thus,
it seems that the only way to blacklist modules with discover2 is
through direct edits of /etc/discover.modprobe.conf, which is really
not too nice, and one of the reasons that run-parts exists.

Am I overlooking something? Also, please excuse for not checking the
bug pages about this... I am currently on a really slow GSM link and
it is too painful.

Thanks for any hints,

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