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Bug#285176: debian installer

I preformed the installation again from the same installer iso today, December 27th from the same ftp site berkeley.edu. This time I ran apt-get update and upgrade from a shell after the base install but before the install of packages.

Mozilla and nautilus and probably other components wont install properly if an "implausibly old time stamp is detected"

udev setup prompt during setup advises to start udev by /etc/init.d/udev start. Switching to a shell I found that there is no /etc/init.d/udev so I apt-get isntall udev, then started it.

/dev/pmu is still not created during setup but installing pbbuttonsd fixes this.

/devmixer and /dev/dsp are working but dissapear after first reboot. Then you have to mknod them to get sound working.

On the first boot into gdm, the "configure login manager" wont run, you must reboot before it works.

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