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Bug#287125: install report

cathy gramze wrote:
> There is no installation problem if I use the entire 15 cds of Debian
> testing. The problem is with network connectivity. After a variable
> period of 30 seconds to 3 minutes I lose network connectivity. The
> correct module is installed and all the config files are correct.
> Nothing other than a reboot will restore connectivity, not removing and
> reinstalling the r8169 module, not /etc/init.d/networking force-reload,
> not ifconfig eth0 down and up.
> If I remove the router and connect directly to my cablemodem I am unable
> to get any connection, even immediately after boot. No DHCPOFFER is ever
> detected. Works fine directly connected to the same computer booted from
> Windows. If I use static IPs rather than DHCP I experience the exact
> same problem.

Do you see anything interesting in dmesg after you lose networking? You
might try upgrading to a newer 2.6 kernel or downgrading to 2.4.28.

Do you still see a link light? Does pinging cause any activity on your hub
(assuming you have one?) Could you add another computer to the
network and sniff packets to see if the problem machine is actually
sending anything out, and if a reply comes back that it perhaps doesn't

see shy jo

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