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Re: RE: help with install on Dell SC420 / SATA / Sarge / netinst / ata_piix

I’m trying to do a netinstall with current Debian (Sarge) on my new Dell SC420 server. Here’s my drive config:

2 SATA 10k RPM WD Raptor 36gig drives connected to onboard raid configd as raid 1.

Promise S150 SX4-M Raid 5 controller

3 SATA WD 200gig drives configd as a raid 5.


I’m loading Debian with:

linux26 ata_piix


Debian is detecting my promise card and loading the sata_sx4 driver auto.


The unusual thing I’m seeing is that it detects all my drives, but states that it cannot detect a common cdrom drive and prompts me to provide one. None of the included drivers seem to work. When loading the 2.4 kernel this doesn’t happen, but I can’t get my nic or ata_piix drivers to work. I think it’s weird considering I’m booting by cdrom with the netinstall disc. Any ideas? Thanx in advance.


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