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Re: Tasksel: how to create custom tasks?

Quoting Konstantinos Margaritis (markos@debian.gr):
> On Τετ 22 Δεκ 2004 11:08, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > (please keep christian.perrier@onera.fr CC'ed to answers as I'm
> > currently out of access to my Debian mail)
> [snip]
> > How can I really build my own custom task?
> I had the same problem and no matter what I did with tasksel and its 
> tasks it did not work. Eventually I found out that I had to create my 
> own task overrides list so that this will get used when I create the 
> Packages file.

Thanks for your answer. My concern is working with a mirror I don't
want to "hack"...

I found another way which seems to work:

I create onera-tasks.desc:

Task: onera
Section: user
Relevance: 8
Description: ONERA
 This task provides software for ONERA purposes.
Packages: onera-list

That one is dropped in /usr/share/tasksel (via

Besides this, I have this ugly script named "onera-list":

echo gdm
echo gnome

which I drop in /usr/lib/tasksel/packages (again in base-config/early_command)

Then, running tasksel allows choosing the "onera" task and this is
preseedable as well.

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