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Trying to automaticly create lvm-partitions

Hello all!

First of all thanks for a magical installer! Creating an automatic
installation with the help of debian-installer and a USB-pen is a pure
delight, modulo bugs which leads us to the core of this mail:

I'm trying to partition a hard disk so that I have / on a ext3 filesystem, 
some swapspace and the rest of the disk used for a lvm partition, to
accomplish this I have the following recipe:

lvm ::
6569 1 6569 ext3
	$primary{ } $bootable{ }
	method{ format } format{ }
	use_filesystem{ } filesystem{ ext3 }
	mountpoint{ / }
64 512 300% linux-swap
	method{ swap } format{ }
1 10000 1000000000 lvm
	method{ format }

This works as far as the partition map have the correct sizes but the
lvm partition gets the wrong type (ext[23]). It also gives a warning
about that the last partition isn't formated.

Having dug trough some source code I think the offending line is in
packages/partman/partman-auto/perform_recipe where it reads (from svn)

        case "$fs" in

I believe that lvm should be added to the list.

Am I right? If so how do I change this in my image, without waiting for
a new release?

Best regards
 jens persson         #    How much longer, o browser quirks, will you
 <jens@persson.cx>    #                            abuse our patience?
 Mäster Olofsväg 24   #        - Cicero (incarnated on quirksmode.org)
 S-224 66 LUND;SWEDEN #

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