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Bug#286614: Problem with existing LVM installation during Sarge install

Package: Partitioner
Version: Debian Sarge Net-Install CD

I have two 80gb hard drives with an existing Windows 98SE and an existing Fedora Core 3 installation using two LWM physical volumes on /dev/hda4 and /dev/hdb2. I did a pvmove to transfer all the data off hda4, then intended to use it to install Debian Sarge on. After my Fedora installation was transfered to hdb2, I began the Net-Install for Debian Sarge.

During the Net-Install, the partitioner detected my LVM partitions from Fedora and my swap partition and put dark smiley faces by them. I selected hda4 and reformatted it as a root "/" partition with an ext2 filesystem. The installer created the filesystem, then I was ready to install. I went to hdb2 and selected "Do not use this partition" so I didn't overwrite my Fedora installation. The hdb2 partition then changed to the light smiley face, and when I tried to continue, the partitioner wanted me to format hdb2 even though I had selected not to use it!

I wanted to install Debian on hda4, yet every time I tried it, the installer kept asking me to reformat hdb2 before I could procede with the installation. Selecting to not use the partition wouldn't work. I then tried to just go to the next step by installing the base system since I had already created the root "/" on hda4 and formatted it, but it kept bringing me back to the partitioner and wanted to format hdb2 before I could continue.

Since I couldn't get the Debian partitioner to work, I used QTparted from a Knoppix 3.6 CD to re-create the ext2 "/" root parition on hda4, then started the installation again, only to have the installer keep asking me to format hdb2. Even with the partitions created and ready, I could not bypass the debian partitioner to continue the installation, and the partitioner would not let me exclude hdb2 either.

I was really annoyed that I had to pop open the case and unplug my second hard drive so that the Debian installer would let me continue without erasing my other linux installation.

Hope you guys can fix this for the next release,

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