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Bug#248855: Useful clues for non-working USB keyboard on SunBlade 150 / sparc64

Frans Pop wrote:
> So, what we really need for this to be solved is people who know about 
> sparc kernels and the boot procedure to have a look at this.

Well here's what I know: Our sparc kernels are built with the usbkbd
driver built in, and that's the only USB keyboard support provided.
The usb-uhci or usb-ohci drivers are not on there and not loaded, and
neither does it try to load the alternative hid-based keyboard drivers
(hid, keybdev). So if the usbkbd driver works, using the keyboard in
what the kernel calls it "Boot Protocol mode" I think the sparc stuff
should work (unsure if it still needs to load usb-uhci firt though), but
if it needs to be in full HID mode, a lot of work needs to be done to get
sparc to support that.

see shy jo

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