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Bug#248855: Useful clues for non-working USB keyboard on SunBlade 150 / sparc64

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 11:38, Wiktor Wandachowicz wrote:
> Same experience as Vincent McIntyre reported. "Choose language" screen
> is displayed but the keyboard still doesn't work. Booting in expert
> mode didn't help. Maybe my suggestion was a shot in a wrong direction?

It seems to me the main problem here is not kbd-chooser, but the 
kernel(modules) and the bootscripts.
The primairy function of kbd-chooser is to select a keymap (i.e. the 
layout of the keys for different languages), _not_ to get the keyboard 
working. That is also why kbd-chooser is run _after_ languagechooser: the 
keyboard is already expected to be working.

Joey and I had hoped that adding the relevant usb modules on the initrd 
would solve the 'keyboard not working after boot in languagechooser' 
problem. Vincent reports the module _is_ loaded, but apparently unused.
Maybe a conflict between the regular driver and the usb driver?

So, what we really need for this to be solved is people who know about 
sparc kernels and the boot procedure to have a look at this.

(That said, keymap selection would have been the next problem, so I'm 
still glad that that has been solved.)


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