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Re: anna cant't find /cdrom/dists//Release problem

On 2004-12-05, 01:51, Frans Pop wrote:

> On Sunday 05 December 2004 00:06, Simon Kagstrom wrote:
> > I guess it should be dists/sarge/Relese here. This looks like some
> > simple error, where is the distribution selected really? Could this
> > have something to do with my custom kernel?
> Ahh. I now see you ended up using a CF flash card for installation. In 
> that case, you need the iso-scan module which is available in the 
> hd-media installation method. That will perform the scan you expected and 
> set mirror/suite for you.

Aha. Unfortunately, I cannot find the hd-media installation method for
ARM. I'll check this myself later, but is this a script which I can copy from
another architecture or must it be built for ARM?

Some other questions / comments:

Is there a problem storing the .iso on the same "disk" as the distribution is
installed on?

I'm suspecting that when the installation will fail on the reboot, since I
guess I won't be able to mount the Debian initrd (no cramfs patch) afterwards.

The Psion's 640x240 screen makes the selection boxes rather small, i.e. only
two "selection lines" showing in the main menu. The colors are also fairly
hard to read on the monochrome screen. Oh well.

// Simon

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