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Bug#283861: typo in dhcp.c: adhoc -> ad-hoc

Package: netcfg
Version: 1.07
Severity: important

There seems to be a typo in dhcp.c line 52 (function netcfg_write_dhcp):
a hyphen is missing in "ad-hoc".

<               (mode == MANAGED) ? "managed" : "ad-hoc");
>               (mode == MANAGED) ? "managed" : "adhoc");

Furthermore the essid does not get written to /etc/network/interfaces.
Instead it simply writes "any" although the code seems to be there (line

Tested with the d-i netinst-cd 2004-11-30.

This bug is a duplicate of bug# 282407 which is clone of an installation
report and therefore lacks clarity.

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