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Bug#283214: RC2: grub failed but lilo ok on HP Proliant DL 380

Olivier ROLAND wrote:
> GRUB failed to install during the installation process but LILO does the 
> job.
> Many tries and nothing special here simple / and swap give the same result 
> (GRUB failed)
> If grub is installed after the installation process then grub install is 
> OK but then during the boot i've got
> pivot_root no such file or dir /sbin/init:426
> cannot open dev/console!no such file
> kernel panic
> grub config is OK.
> I think that this bug has nothing to do with the well known problem of the 
> 3w_9xxx module because LILO has no problem at all.
> Sorry but I don't have access to this machine anymore and can't give 
> further information but this bug is
> easy to reproduce on any HP Proliant DL 380 with debian installer pré-rc2 
> and rc2.

FWIW, I have seen this bug on my proliant. I have not managed to debug
it any yet. And it only happens with the 2.6 kernel.

see shy jo

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