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Bug#283452: No SCSI module support in Debian Installer RC2

reassign 283452 hw-detect
retitle 283452 needs a way in expect mode to prompt user to make sure all hardware and modules they want are found and loaded

Jack Carroll wrote:
> 	Still running an install as I'm writing this, but I'll give you a
> quick summary now.
> 	Turns out that the SCSI modules download during "Loading components
> of Debian Installer" and appear in the modules tree, but the entire
> .../kernel/drivers/SCSI directory gets deleted during "Detect hardware" or
> during the partitioner.  Not sure which it was.
> 	On the next run, I skipped "Free memory (low memory install)" at the
> main menu, and went on to "Detecting disks & all other hardware".  This
> didn't load the aha1542 module, but it didn't delete the SCSI drivers
> directory either.
> 	At this point I was able to command
> 		modprobe aha1542
> and get it to load.  Then I started the partitioner, and the two SCSI disks
> showed up.  I created Reiser file systems in their existing partitions and
> assigned mount points.
> 	"Install the base system" appeared on the screen, and started up
> when I hit <Return>.  It's still running, and I have to get to bed.
> 	So...
> 	The fatal bugs in the partitioner that stopped me on this hardware
> as late as RC1 are cleared up now.  This is major progress in getting Sarge
> to install on old hardware.  What's left is some missing pieces in the main
> line logic of the installer, which would stop a newbie, but an experienced
> user with the right clues (your message above) can work around the problems.
> 	I'll try to file a more detailed follow-on report to the bug
> reporting system thread later in the week.

It removes the scsi and other drivers once the partitioner starts up,
on systems with low memory, to save memory. So you are able to load the
module only before that, as you did above.

Probably the code that does this should not run until after the code
that checks to see if a hard drive was detected. However, this change
would not help you since you have an IDE drive that was detected.

> 2.      RC2 still doesn't deal gracefully with devices that aren't
> auto-detected.  It saw my Tulip card and loaded the module, but didn't
> detect either of the NE-2000 cards.  The ne.o driver was present in the
> kernel driver tree, and I was able to load it with a modprobe command.

>         There needs to be a place, either in the main menu, or after the
> program lists the hardware that was detected, where it asks the user
> whether there is any additional hardware that wasn't detected.  If the
> answer is yes, it should list the available drivers for that class of
> device, and allow the user to select additional drivers to be loaded.
> That's the way it used to be done.  Old hardware needs that level of manual
> control.

Indeed this problem applies not only to ethernet devices but to hard drives.
Since I hope to add an explicit hard drive detection step to hw-detect
post-sarge, I'll reassign this bug to that package. hw-detect needs to have
some way, in expert mode, of listing the detected hardware and prompting
the user to see if they want to load any other modules.

see she jo

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