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Bug#283510: installation-reports

On 29. Nov 2004, at 19:48 Uhr, Frans Pop wrote:

On Monday 29 November 2004 16:30, Markus Hanauska wrote:
After 1% of the base installation var log messages say:

eval: 3: Syntax error: newline unexpected (expecting ")")

I've seen this reported before, but it was not traced and must only occur
in a very special situation.

First let me say, that I've downloaded the latest netinstall (not just rc2) and I get the same error.

Could you do the following things for us:
- When the problem occurs, what is the exact text on the progress bar
  (title of the dialog and message below the progress bar).

I can't see it. There is an error box (or "window") in front of us, telling me to look into /var/log/messages. If I close it, I'm taken to a main menu, from where I can select every individual installation step.

- Could you switch to VT2 and use 'ps' to check which process is running. You may have to run ps several times to check if it's the same process
  all the time or if it changes.

I guess I can do that. But I don't know how to get the information here without writing it down by hand and typing it in by hand.

- Send us the files syslog and messages from /var/log (compressed please).

That's going to be the hard part, I guess. I have no other system on the test machine and it's within a network, from where it only has Internet, but not intranet access.

And trust me, /var/log/messages is not interesting. The last messages before just tell me about some modules being loaded (for the VIA chipset) and that is successful.

However, I solved the problem! I was caused by an incorrect DNS server. After DHCP failed, I entered the following address information:

Address x.x.x.113
Gatetway x.x.x.126
DNS x.x.x.126

However, that was incorrect. The DNS server is x.x.x.1
Using the right DNS server, it works like expected.
So you should be able to produce the problem yourself, by just using a similar network setup.

Best Regards,
        Markus Hanauska

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