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Bug#283377: RC2 install report on Dell SC420, security issue with network-console udeb "installer" user not being removed

reassign 283377 network-console
severity 283377 minor
retitle 283377 Should not copy installer account to /target if network-console-config not installed

On Sunday 28 November 2004 19:52, Colleen Hatfield wrote:
> Nov 28 09:30:42 prebaseconfig: Installation of network-console-config
> into /target failed

Ah, yes of course.
The problem is that the package network-console-config is not included on
the netinst CD because of size considerations, so it can not be installed.
This also means that the code that removes the installer user is not installed
and of course cannot be run during base-config.

If you had used any other installation method, you would not have seen
this problem.

I've reassigned your installation report to the package responsible.

Thank you for helping in finding the cause of this issue.


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