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Bug#283377: RC2 install report on Dell SC420, security issue with network-console udeb "installer" user not being removed

On Sunday 28 November 2004 17:52, Colleen Hatfield wrote:
> The screen where you set the "installer" user's password says, "This
> password is used only by the Debian installer, and will be discarded
> once you finish the installation."  However, this is not the case -
> this user persists after completion of the install and rebooting, etc.

There is code that does remove this user at the end of the 
base-configuration stage (base-config) after the reboot.

I have checked on an installation I did myself using ssh (on an emulated 
s390 IBM Mainframe), and there the installer user is no longer present.

This leads me to suspect that something went wrong with your base-config. 
Some questions:
- did you run base-config over ssh (using the installer user) or did you
  run it on the system itself?
- was base-config started automatically or did you run it manually?
- did you complete base-config normally (including the final dialog and
  final cleanup actions)?
- any other special things you did or noticed that could have caused this?
- what's the output of 'dpkg -l network-console-config' now?


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