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Re: [IMPORTANT] (forw) Debian Installer repository branched for sarge


At Sat, 27 Nov 2004 19:13:08 +0100,
Christian Perrier wrote:
> Translators of Debian Installer, this is VERY important.
> >From now, you will have to handle level 1 translations in TWO branches
> of the d-i repository.
> The sarge branch will probably be frozen enough for you not caring
> that much of it and only focus on changes in the unstable branch.
> We will however very probably setup two parallel infrastructures:
> -I will setup one for l10n-sync to run on both branches
> -Dennis will setup one for statistics on each branch.
> Please note that all this has just been announced and thus we need to
> arrange things and organize the while stuff. So, please be patient as
> well....

When we want to update installer/doc/manual, what's the best way for
two branches?

Kenshi Muto

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