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Bug#283227: installation-reports

On Saturday 27 November 2004 12:24, Daniel MacDonald wrote:
> The first time I installed RC2, I just presumed it was
> going to install a 2.6 kernel by default, which is
> what I wanted. It should tell you which kernel will be
> installed on the boot splash screen before the
> installer is loaded,as well as telling you to type
> 'linux26' if you want the new kernel. This will save
> people going through the entire base install procedure
> and then re-installing or having to figure out how to
> upgrade to the latest kernel afterwards.

Well, you could also have quickly browsed through the F1 - F10 help 
screens where such options are listed.

> Upon rebooting, after the first base system install
> (with the 2.4 kernel), GRUB had detected my Windows XP
> Pro partition and added it to the boot menu. Not
> wanting a 2.4 based system I did a re-install, this
> time issueing the 'linux26' command and again all went
> fine but this time after installing the base system
> and rebooting GRUB gave no option to boot into
> Windows. Fortunately, I knew how to fix this but
> people new to Linux would've got very worried that
> they lost their Windows drive if that happened to them.

Did you by any chance select a mountpoint for your windows partition the 
second time? In that case, this is a known problem (see bug #251794).


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