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Localechooser checked in

I have checked localechooser in the trunk branch.

I also uploaded a very early 0.01 release. We probably need waiting it
to enter the archive as this is a new package.

Testing localechooser is easy : just edit pkg-lists/<method>/common
and replace languagechooser by localechooser as well as remove

Then rebuild the image and test..:-)

The major changes are:

-languagechooser and countrychooser merged together
-additional step for choosing a locale among all available locales if
more than one is supported. For instance, choosing French then France
allows choosing between fr_FR, fr_FR@euro, fr_FR.UTF-8 locales. This
is a medium priority choice, hidden in default installs
-support for a non localized install (C locale)
-better support for changing the language/locale while doing an install
-support preseeding all locale-related stuff with preseed/locale (for
instance : preseed/locale=fr_FR.UTF-8). This preseeding must be made
at boot command line of course

Please beware that, though highly tested on my system, it remains very
early development. It may be ready for daily builds but we'd probably
better wait a bit...:-)

The code is also quite bubullian and thus needs intensive cleaning and
maybe some commenting.

A few translation updates are also needed though several strings are
identical with language/countrychooser ones.


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