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Re: please test new quik with initrd-support (was: Re: getting quik into sarge?

Ce jour Fri, 26 Nov 2004, Sven Luther a dit:

> Mmm, i could test it on the umax apus 2000 and on the pmac 8200/120 i have
> here, need to test that this weekend. quik didn't work yet on the umax, and i
> have never really used it, so some kind of help would be welcome in order to
> set it up. 

can start off here:


as to the umaxen, i've had relatively easy success with a umax 3000 -
desktop case, though the IDE/ATA on them is pretty fucked. it seems to
take only one device at a time. the SCSI is a generic MESH chipset IIRC. 

> Mmm, wondering if there are some kind of ps2 or usb -> adb adapters, so i
> could try using the KVM switch for the apple boxes too.

i think so. dunno how common they are, or are still sold (i don't hang
around computer/electronics stores, i get most of my stuff from dumpsters,

> > and, better not to forget, the new quik.deb is available at 
> > http://www.ulyssis.org/~p2/debjes/
> Thanks,
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther


Software Patents are patently wrong:

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