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Re: Bug#282745: gnome-media: gnome-volume-control fails to find OSS mixer device

Le mercredi 24 novembre 2004 à 11:28 +0100, Josselin Mouette a écrit :
> > Using the Debian Installer RC2 to perform a fresh install of a Debian
> > desktop system, I ended up with Linux 2.4.27, and automatically
> > configured OSS i810_audio drivers for my Intel onboard sound card.
> This shouldn't be the case at first; with this sound card, you should
> end up with the ALSA drivers, as the OSS ones should be blacklisted in
> discover and hotplug. debian-boot people, do you have an idea of what is
> happening?

Bleh, I should have looked better, this is obviously because the user is
running a 2.4 kernel. Sorry for bothering debian-boot.

> [...]
> > It seems that somehow either the present GNOME Volume Control applet is
> > only able to handle ALSA sound devices or that the incorrect version of
> > it is chosen by the installer.
> > 
> > I also note that I am in the audio group (which I had to add manually)
> > and that the OSS device files have permissions:
> >    crw-rw---- root audio
> Just choose the OSS output plugin in gstreamer-properties if you want to
> use the OSS driver.

The strange thing is that /system/gstreamer/0.8/default/audiosink
defaults to osssink. It should have worked out of the box for your
system. Was gstreamer0.8-oss installed with the default setup?
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