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Bug#282670: Package: installation-reports

> After selecting language etc. the installer quits with message stating wrong
> cd or can't read from cd.  This is an ongoing problem inherent to previous
> installer cd's.  I've tried them all.  Going to a shell prompt, the cd is mounted.
> This is not a cd read/write problem.  Multible cd's tested.  The installer
> appears to "lose" the cd at this point i.e. it cannot be tested and the only
> thing to do is abort.

I think this might be a problem that at root is due to some CDROM drives
not working well with DMA access to them turned on in the kernel. It seems
to happen with Dells quite a bit.

Have a look at bug 265636, are the symptoms similar?

It would also help to send (to 282670@bugs.debian.org) the logfiles from
your install (there is a save logs step in main installer menu) and the
output of (lspci -n; lspci)|sort


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