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Bug#269163: Documentation for management devices

As mentioned earlier in this bug, the Compaq integrated Lights Out (iLO) 
management device can't display the initial isolinux vga framebuffer splash 
screen, and you have to blindly hit F1 to get back to text. I have also 
encountered this problem on HP's Integrated Remote Assistant (IRA) management 
device. Rather than get rid of the splash screen I think we can just document 
this problem. I propose the following text,

If you are installing the system via a remote management device that
provides a text interface to the VGA console you may not be able to
see the initial framebuffer splash screen upon booting the installer.
Examples of these devices include the text console of Compaq's
"integrated Lights Out" (iLO) and HP's "Integrated Remote Assistant"
(IRA). You can blindly press F1 to bypass this screen and view the
help text. In some cases these devices will require special escape
sequences to enact this keypress, for example the IRA uses
"Ctrl-F + 1". Once you are past the splash screen and at the help
text your keystrokes will be echoed at the prompt as expected.
To prevent the installer from using the framebuffer for the rest of
the install, you will also want to add
to the boot prompt, as described in the help text. If specified, this
setting will also be added to the bootloader config so that future
boots will behave in the same manner.

Feel free to modify and use that whereever you like, maybe Chapter 5 or 6 of 
the install manual?


Matt Taggart

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