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Bug#282141: pivot_root: 2.6 panics, 2.4 boots

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Hans van Kranenburg wrote:
| I re-did the Installer with 'expert' instead of 'expert26' and the
| 2.4.27 kernel just boots fine. So I have a working system to repair
| things from the inside when necessary...
| I read this at
| http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianInstallerBrokenThings:
| "linux26 after boot ( pivot_root No such file or dir. /sbin/init: 426
| cannot open dev/console : no such file) Kernel panic.! (3ware sata-raid)
| [Note: you can fix this by chroot into /target, edit
| /etc/mkinitrd/modules and add 3w_9xxx, and re-run mkinitrd]"
| So... I got an CCISS SCSI System and it seems to have the same problem,
| but only using an 2.6 kernel. But the solution mentioned is to add
| modules to initrd. The output from the 2.6 bootup shows that the CCISS
| driver is being loaded, the partitions can be found, but nevertheless
| there is some error I don't understand. So I don't know what to do or
| where to start.

There might be several reasons why the root device
could not be mounted:

- - cciss driver not loaded (or broken)
- - filesystem driver not loaded
- - raid not correctly initialized
- - changed device sequence
- - ???

I would suggest to apt-get busybox-cvs, set BUSYBOX=yes
and DELAY=10 in /etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf, rebuild the
initrd image for 2.6, and reboot.

At boot time press [Enter] when asked for and check which
modules have been loaded. Next try to mount your root
filesystem read-only to /mnt. There should be some message.

AFAIK the cciss driver is under development. Maybe you
should consider to try the current 2.6.10-rc2?


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